Thinking of making a donation to MOMC? Please do! Any amount is greatly appreciated.

MOMC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit launched in 2011. All donations to the charity are tax deductible and funds go toward programs and services that support parents and siblings who have lost loved ones to gun violence.

Donors may send their tax-deductible donations to:
Mothers of Murdered Children
P.O. Box 12362
Hamtramck, MI 48212

Donors may also send donations via PayPal using the button below.

 “Since its founding, Mothers of Murdered Children Detroit (MOMC) has provided support, advocacy, and healing services to mothers and families who have lost loved ones to violence. From helping with funeral arrangements and facilitating grief support groups, to accompanying families to court and helping grieving grandmothers gain legal access of their grandchildren, MOMC is there for families who are trying to rebuild their lives after surviving violence.”—Equal Justice USA

“Mothers of Murdered Children and the grief support group has been like another family,” Pamela Freeman, MOMC member, Detroit Free Press.

“Andrea Clark hopes to have the same impact on homicides that Mothers Against Drunk Driving has had on the senseless loss of life in alcohol-fueled traffic accidents. Her group, Mothers of Murdered Children, is bone weary of losing kids to gun violence. The 8,000 mostly Detroit moms have all buried children who were shot to death.” Nolan Finley, Detroit News

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