Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Buckets 4 "CHANGE" Fundraiser KICK-OFF For M.O.M.C.'s 4th ANNUAL "NEVER Forgotten Christmas"

It's that time of year again and we here at M.O.M.C are SUPER excited to be kicking off our annual fundraising campaign.
This year we chose the "Buckets 4 CHANGE" theme. We knew that keeping the surviving children of the victims in mind that a "CHANGE" is what's needed so we won't have to continue this program.

While we absolutely LOVE seeing the warm and welcoming smile on the children's face as they receive gifts from a stranger that cared enough, but it's our wish that No Other child has to face the same senseless circumstance.

Check your couch, check your car and check your pockets. If you have any loose change lying around throw it in a bucket and M.O.M.C will be collecting it!

Buckets For CHANGE a fundraiser that has kicked off to benefit Mothers Of Murdered Children 4th Annual "Never Forgotten Christmas" We are asking everyone who will participate to drop your "change" in a bucket at the end of the day, for the entire months of September and October.

Just by tossing loose change into the buckets, M.O.M.C will be able to help the children whose parents have been murdered showing them that they are NEVER FORGOTTEN.
Our efforts provides a Christmas party for the children who lost their parents to homicide and murder. Our gratitude to the community for enabling such a wonderful opportunity to these forgotten children.

We encourage politicians, faith leaders, business entities, community leaders and individuals to donate for this program. Let's help these children to grow up with hope, love, and with a program that teaches them that our community CARES.

On November 1st we are asking you let us know when and where to pick up your bucket of coins, so that we can get them sorted for our wrapping party! Anyone who is showing love and support for this MOMC's - Buckets For Change from out of state please take your coins to any Coinstar and mail the receipt to us at P.O. Box 12362, Hamtramck, MI 48213


Won't you help us make a "CHANGE" in the lives of those who lost a parent to murder? 

View photos of 2012's "NEVER Forgotten Christmas" event.

For more information about "NEVER Forgotten Christmas" or Mothers Of Murdered Children click here or email us at: Info@MothersOfMurderedChildren.org