Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Buckets 4 "CHANGE" Fundraiser KICK-OFF For M.O.M.C.'s 4th ANNUAL "NEVER Forgotten Christmas"

It's that time of year again and we here at M.O.M.C are SUPER excited to be kicking off our annual fundraising campaign.
This year we chose the "Buckets 4 CHANGE" theme. We knew that keeping the surviving children of the victims in mind that a "CHANGE" is what's needed so we won't have to continue this program.

While we absolutely LOVE seeing the warm and welcoming smile on the children's face as they receive gifts from a stranger that cared enough, but it's our wish that No Other child has to face the same senseless circumstance.

Check your couch, check your car and check your pockets. If you have any loose change lying around throw it in a bucket and M.O.M.C will be collecting it!

Monday, April 29, 2013

What's Grief?

Someone who has been a part of your life has died and life as you have known it will never be quite the same. As James E. Miller, renowned author and grief counselor, mentions in several of his writings, no matter how prepared you thought you were, you may now be realizing you are not quite ready. And despite all the pain you have already endured, in no way could you have imagined the ache you are now experiencing.

You had no idea how your life would be affected. Your routines and rituals have changed and your world appears so different. But with each day you are learning as you travel on your journey of grief.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Maureen Kramlinger, VITAS Consultant and Writer

When we are grieving, it is hard enough to live each day as it comes. It can be daunting to face a whole new year stretching out in front of us. We may be afraid of what the New Year might bring. We may worry whether or not we can handle any more challenges. Our current experience of emptiness and loneliness may make us reluctant to face a new year.

We might say to ourselves, “I used to be so busy. I used to feel so needed, so useful. Now it seems there’s nothing but empty space and empty time.” On-schedule delivery of another year might deliver more of the same. It’s bad enough to wake in the morning not sure what we’ll do with the day. Now, what will we do with a whole year?