Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Murdered Parents, Mourning Children & "A Never Forgotten Christmas" 2012

Mothers Of Murdered Children is pleased to announce the support of fellow humanitarians who will aid in facilitating this event for the often forgotten children of murder victims. There is still time to nominate, donate or volunteer and join our efforts to provide a Christmas party for the children who lost their parents to homicide and murder.

Our gratitude to the community for enabling such a wonderful opportunity to these forgotten children. The parents of these children are gone for Christmas. We encourage politicians, faith leaders, business entities, community leaders and individuals to donate for this program. Let's help these children to grow up with hope, love, and with a program that teaches them that our community CARES. This program benefits children from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds who have lost their parents to homicide in the Metro-Detroit area.

Do you know of a child who has lost a parent? Or a grandparent who has taken on the role of acting parent due to the homicide or murder? Please, PLEASE nominate them to be selected for our Never Forgotten Christmas adopt-a-family program.

DEADLINE TO NOMINATE A CHILD OR FAMILY IS NOVEMBER 30th, 2012 but we will be accepting donations up until the evening of the reception. If you wish to donate for this program, please visit our "ADOPT-A-FAMILY" page and make your donation through PAYPAL. If you wish to arrange a large donation of toys please contact M.O.M.C at (313) 473-9MOM. If you do not have time shopping for toys, our dedicated volunteers would gladly do the shopping for you.! WE NEED TOYS, COATS, CLOTHING, FOOD SHOES AND GIFT CARDS for children ages 3 month old -17 year old. Invited donors will be able to meet the family of the children, have dinner with them and give their adopted families their Christmas present. The date, time, and location of the party will be provided to invited donors. This is a private event by invitation only. Thanks in advance for your donations, kindness and generosity.

Click NOMINATE to let us know of a deserving child and/or family


Check our Mothers Of Murdered Children page to inquire about donations, adoptions and other information about "A Never Forgotten Christmas!"