Monday, September 17, 2012

"A Never Forgotten Christmas!"

HELLO Out There! Do you know of a child who has lost a parent? Or a grandparent who has taken on the role of acting parent due to the homicide or murder? Please, PLEASE nominate them to be selected for our Never Forgotten Christmas adopt-a-family program. This program benefits children from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds who have lost their parents to homicide in the Metro-Detroit area. DEADLINE TO NOMINATE A CHILD OR FAMILY IS NOVEMBER 30th, 2012 but we will be accepting donations up until the evening of the reception. If you wish to donate for this program, please visit our "ADOPT-A-FAMILY" page and make your donation through PAYPAL. If you wish to arrange a large donation of toys please contact M.O.M.C at (313) 473-9MOM. If you do not have time shopping for toys, our dedicated volunteers would gladly do the shopping for you.!

Check out "A NEVER Forgotten Christmas!"