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New book for parents that have lost a child.  Marilyn Rauth, author of Living, Loving and Losing a Son lost her son Robb due to sudden heart complications.  "His death was completely unexpected.  He was only 37 and healthy (so we thought).  When I received the call from my daughter in law that he had passed, I felt like I had instantly descended into Hell.  The pain was unimaginable and unbelievably cruel.  How could it really be that he would pass before me?  How could it be that I would have to bury him and say goodbye to my first born precious boy?"

"I felt like a zombie for a long time, wandering around aimlessly and not caring or thinking that I could or would endue the tragedy.  But endue I did, and badly though."

Marilyn's story is one of hope for other parents that have suffered the loss of their child.  She writes about how she and Robb grew up together, how they shared their lives together and how she went through his death and the eventually healing and acceptance of it.  It's a mothers memoir and it is her hope that it will ease the pain of other parents that have or are going through the same loss.    Published in 2009.  100% money back guarantee.  Paperback.

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Testimonials for Living, Loving and Losing a Son
Sally FlynnA wonderful book full of warmth, love and loss - a perfect title. The author has had such a full and eventful life with all the ups and downs we all share, but shattered in her 50's by the untimely death of her son. Her recovery from this loss and ultimate success in repairing the damage such a tragedy often inflicts on a marriage were so interesting and uplifting to me. This was a very special book with many tears and many laughs. My husband enjoyed it as much as I did. I highly recommend it.

Jim Highland
“Living, Loving, and Losing a Son" is written in a beautifully clear style that makes reading it an effortless pleasure. The writing falls away so that the story tells itself as if it were a movie. This writing style makes the book easy to read, but more importantly allows the power and emotions of the story to come through in a visceral, real way. The reader feels all the love, joy, shock, and pain of the parents through their experience of raising and then losing their son. The story is captivating and holds the reader's interest throughout. It is clear that the writing of the book was itself an act of love and it is a gift to those who read it.

Myra St John
From the very first page, Marilyn Rauth embraces you into her life. Her memoir is filled with happiness, humor and deep sadness. She writes with honesty and conviction. I cried and laughed through this page turner. A wonderful tribute to her son and family. I highly recommend this book.

Gene Baynham
I just reread this book having originally read the first draft. At that time I didn't know if I could read it as I had such a close involvement with the author and her family. But I did and was overwhelmed not only by her eloquent expression of her anguish and how she found a way eventually to accept it, but also by her humor.

This is really a wonderful tribute to Robb written by a mother who, through all her profound grief, is able to share the ordinary, the funny. The poignant experiences she had not only with Robb but all who surrounded her.

This is a must read book which I highly recommend.

Carolyn Fruechte
This is a masterfully written true story of a mother's tragic loss of her oldest son. The book took me so intimately into Marilyn's life ~ her marriage, her struggles, joys, heartbreak and healing ~ that I felt I was living it all with her. It was a book I couldn't put down, nor could my husband when I finished and gave it over to him. A most sensitive book of tragedy and healing. 

Tania VazquezA WONDERFUL READ! When I picked up this book I couldn't put it down. Though it was someone else's story I was able to connect immediately to my experience of losing my mother. Beautifully written, this book guides you through a flurry of emotions...I found myself laughing out loud as well as crying throughout the book. A real-life depiction of what a family goes through when losing a loved one.

Elsa Cattano
A poignant, honest, and emotional book -- I could not stop reading even when tears were filling my eyes. This is a sensitive portrayal of life, love, family, loss, and coming thru it. Marilyn writes with clarity and vision.

Patricia Kenny
In Living, Loving and Losing a Son, Marilyn weaves the fabric of her marriage with the sudden death of her oldest son, Robb. It is an intimate reflection on the son who became a man of integrity and lived his truths and a mother's story of loss and grieving; of family and faith, and of personal growth.

Although she wondered how she would ever survive his death and realized that you never "get over" the loss of a loved one, Marilyn gives us what she calls "the gifts of grief" that have helped her move to a place of peace and acceptance. Living, Loving and Losing a Son is an honest and hopeful narrative. I highly recommend it.

Carol HalsteadThis is truly an inspiring book - well written and full of humor, warmth and tragedy. The author's deep love for her son and the warmth felt within the entire family are threads that bind together an outstanding tale of love and loss. This is not just a memoir, it is a poignant story told with passion. I couldn't put it down and neither will you. A must read!!!!

Elizabeth Goldman
This memoir was incredibly honest and written with an unusually beautiful sensitivity. I found myself crying, laughing, enjoying her sharing of experiences and came away filled with a deep admiration for the author. I could not put the book down. Having raised a family from the 60's to the 80's, I could relate to the many experiences the author shared. I will recommend this book to all my friends.

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Knowing What To Expect

When a death takes place, you may experience a wide range of emotions, even when the death is expected. Many people report feeling an initial stage of numbness after first learning of a death, but there is no real order to the grieving process.

Some emotions you may experience include:

These feelings are normal and common reactions to loss. You may not be prepared for the intensity and duration of your emotions or how swiftly your moods may change. You may even begin to doubt the stability of your mental health. But be assured that these feelings are healthy and appropriate and will help you come to terms with your loss.

Remember — It takes time to fully absorb the impact of a major loss. You never stop missing your loved one, but the pain eases after time and allows you to go on with your life.

Mourning A Loved One

It is not easy to cope after a loved one dies. You will mourn and grieve. Mourning is the natural process you go through to accept a major loss. Mourning may include religious traditions honoring the dead or gathering with friends and family to share your loss. Mourning is personal and may last months or years.

Grieving is the outward expression of your loss. Your grief is likely to be expressed physically, emotionally, and psychologically. For instance, crying is a physical expression, while depression is a psychological expression.

It is very important to allow yourself to express these feelings. Often, death is a subject that is avoided, ignored or denied. At first it may seem helpful to separate yourself from the pain, but you cannot avoid grieving forever. Someday those feelings will need to be resolved or they may cause physical or emotional illness.

Many people report physical symptoms that accompany grief. Stomach pain, loss of appetite, intestinal upsets, sleep disturbances and loss of energy are all common symptoms of acute grief. Of all life’s stresses, mourning can seriously test your natural defense systems. Existing illnesses may worsen or new conditions may develop.

Profound emotional reactions may occur. These reactions include anxiety attacks, chronic fatigue, depression and thoughts of suicide. An obsession with the deceased is also a common reaction to death.

Looking to the Future

Remember, with support, patience and effort, you will survive grief. Some day the pain will lessen, leaving you with cherished memories of your loved one.