Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who Are M.O.M.Cs

There's no grief like losing a child, especially by homicide.

I remember the phone call telling me that my son, had been murdered. There are no words to describe the pain you feel. No one can know the pain and sorrow that survivors experience unless they themselves have gone through the horror of losing someone they love at the hands of another human being.

On this website I have included a brief description of some of the feelings and emotions you may be experiencing now and for along time to come. It is by no means meant to provide you with any answers but to help you recognize that your reactions, whatever they may be, are normal. Most of this information is from the homicide survivors booklet and some personal comments from me as I travel this bumpy road of grief.

With every passing day, though you may not recognize or accept it, the healing process is taking place. It may be two steps forward and one step back, but eventually you will survive.

There is a wealth of information and knowledge in your communities to help you during this difficult time. Contact your local mental health center, hospital grief support group, church leaders, or victim assistance program in your area.

MOMC is a place for mothers to communicate with each other, to provide some information about the GRIEF process and provide information links to other sites that have been most helpful to me.